About Modern Weddings Film

Modern Weddings Film takes videography to the next level by merging experience with expert cinematography skills. Our equipment is of the highest quality and our cutting edge technology paired with creative expertise allows for exceptional video. Each frame is carefully selected in the editing process and the full vision is considered from the very first image captured to the last.

About Ivan Gomez

As a wedding filmmaker, I have the passion and creativity to capture the essence of your wedding day. I purchased my first video camera in 2007 and I started filming just for fun. That year a friend introduced me to the wedding industry and I filmed my first wedding. I had a lot of fun and became focused on increasing my knowledge and skills.

After filming more weddings, I realized that it was something that I really love to do. Through the years, I have also collaborated with the Elite Photography Studio of Chicagoland directing, shooting, and editing video commercials, weddings, and cultural events

In 2014, I was commissioned by the University of Chicago to film student activities and cultural events. As an experienced, dedicated, and passionate wedding filmmaker, I would love to capture a unique version of your wedding day enhanced with cinema and a storytelling style.