Desserts4u is a custom cake boutique, specializing in wedding cakes and one of a kind special event cakes. We are known for our attention to detail and modern approach. Our goal is simple: To create cakes and confections to reflect our clients' individual style & tastes. Please visit our site! We invite you to take your time and browse all our creations. Call to schedule your cake tasting session and meet designer Pam Mason, who will even help you customize your own cake flavors and or design! 

Today, it’s almost mind boggling how many different types of gluten free options there are. Anyone can quickly get their fix from pizza to donuts with taste and texture familiar to the palate. Unfortunately, the taste and texture in many of those products contain preservatives and unknown chemicals. When you think you are eating healthier, you just end up eating processed foods minus the gluten. Our family has lived through the scarcity of gluten free items on the shelves of grocery stores and have tried and spent thousands of dollars on cardboard cookies and breads that crumbled in our hands.

It is with that knowledge, we decided to get really good at baking our own gluten free sweets using quality ingredients we could trust. Whenever possible, we use organic ingredients free of preservatives and GMOs. Because we bake in a commercial kitchen exclusive to gluten free baking, there are no worries for cross contamination. We bake with love and produce a homemade product we are very proud of. We would love to help you make your special day complete with a gluten free sweet table. Please visit our website for a complete list of our menu items.